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Principal's Greeting

Picture of Jeff Green

It is a pleasure to introduce myself as principal of Mount Scott. Learning and supporting others as they learn is a passion of mine. I have been in education since 2004 and although I’ve learned a lot since the first year, I still feel new and fresh to the work. I still get just as excited before the first day and I’ll never grow bored of being part of a learning community.I take great satisfaction in building relationships with students, staff, and families as we work together in one of the most meaningful purposes there is, educating and caring for the next generation.

I have taught first, third, and fourth grade before becoming an administrator in 2014. I earned my leadership degree from NAU (Northern Arizona University) but I will always call myself a Wildcat (University of Arizona). Along the way, I’ve worked with some amazing people and carry their wisdom and experience as my own. 

On top of principal, I am a dad, husband, uncle, brother, and son. My wife and I live in Happy Valley with our two children, Max and Isaac and our little best friend Fonzie. We love it here!

Those that know me, know that I am a grateful person. I grew up with privilege but I fully understand that many are not afforded the same. It is a passion of mine to work toward equity, celebrate diversity, and create an inclusive, safe learning experience for each student, family, and staff member.  In order for me to best do that, I need to continue to listen and learn. 

I invite you to say hello, schedule a time to meet with me, call, or reach out by email. My door is always open! I truly appreciate the kindness and support as I humbly serve at Mount Scott. 


All my best,

Jeff Green